August 28, 2013

Return to Sender

Our lives are full of people acting like forces upon our lives.  Pushing and Pulling.   Most often against our wishes these people and their "stuff"  push us where we don't want to go. 

We've been "pushed" along for so long we forget what we like, what we want, and who we are.

We feel obligated to allow other peoples desires and expectations to rule us.  We feel it's what you do when you are a mom, a wife, a sister or a friend. . .

Along the way we've adopted the mindset that this is life, or this is love, or this is my service, or this is faith. 

Ugh no!  It's manipulation!  Pure and simple. 

And it wont change as long as you don't change.  Repeat. It wont change unless you change. 

You can't change people.  You can't make them respect you, or live their lives by your principles. 

BUT you do have the power to change YOU!  And that's enough to change the world around you!

Do you want change? 

Decide - What do you really want? 

Imagine - What would peace look like? 

Plan - How could you achieve it?

Would it mean another adult would take responsibility for their own life, their own feelings, their own attitudes and behaviors.  Then give it back.  Whatever you are carrying that belongs to someone else - give it back.   I they wont take it willingly (and they probably wont since you've been carrying it this long) then:  

Walk that TOXIC THANG out of your "yard" and up to their front porch and leave it.

Shake off the dust from your feet and hands - and walk away!!!!

I'm serious.  Its theirs. 

I'll tell you how I did it next time. . .

~ Givin' it Back and Happier for it!

August 12, 2013

Seeds of Change - Do you have a Plan C?

I used to think that raising a family, being a wife, homeschooling and keeping my home were my first calling, my priority.   I was right.

I used to own a business,  the business grew and so did my family.  The business became too much for me to handle on my own with 5 young children, so something had to give.  I was right.

I read that the Proverbs 31 woman was a wife, mom, homemaker aaaaannnddd  entrepreneur. I was right. 

So when my business became too much I concluded:  I must put my family first, the Proverbs 31 woman did these things in seasons (does it say that?) therefore, I must quit and wait to do this later.  Was I right?

13 years later. . .

I revisit this decision & realize I never considered plan C - CHANGE.

Being a wife, mom, homeschooler and keeper of my home is right. 

Taking care of my home and family includes meeting there daily needs aaaaannnndddd investing in, preparing for and securing their future, that's right too.

So when my business became too much for me, something did have to give.  It was time for it to grow not die.  It was time to move out of my house, outsource, hire subcontractors. . . CHANGE it, CULTIVATE it, but not KILL it. 

It never occurred to me then to CHANGE because QUIT, CAN'T, SHOULDN'T and COULDN'T were the seeds already lying dormant when the rainy day of decision arrived. 

What do we believe, what do we expect, what do we hope. . . what's possible, what's impossible, who decides? 

What are we thinking, what are we planting, what seeds are we allowing to drift in on the wind or sneak in on the bottoms of peoples feet, what seeds lay dormant in our deepest beliefs.

Why do we think "if A doesn't work then B" but never dare to dream or hope for plan C?  Is plan C wrong? Is plan C too impossible even for God? 

August 10, 2013

Now I'm Inspired

For a long time I embraced the word  “inspiration,” considering myself an “Inspired person -  one who is filled with ideas and visions and hope planted by a divine infinite intelligent God.  Although this is true:  my knowing and believing were detached from my living.   
Oh, I have been living. . . but not living an inspired life to the fullest. 

 Beliefs can be liberating and beliefs can be enslaving.  
Truths misused and misunderstood can be false. 
A thing can be true, and yet another thing can be  just as true making truth subject to a persons personal interpretation. 
Interpretation comes from perspective and that comes from how you feel on any given day, where you come from, and how you see the world.
So for years I've lived by strong beliefs, rock solid things I thought truths, but my interpretation was from a perspective that was uninspired!
So what happened?
The truths -
That could propel me to be proactive
That could turn my fears to faith
That could make me take care of myself
That convinced me God is not there but HERE
That prove there is NOTHING  and NOONE to be afraid of. 
That were always there
That were hidden behind my beliefs.   
         -I now believe
Have you believed something to be true that might have another "just as true"  mirror image? 
I look forward to hearing your stories and sharing more of mine. 

June 20, 2010

My Daddy

My Daddy prepared me to live without him.
Taught me everything he could.
He knew this day would come
He always said, "You'll have to fend for yourself I want you prepared."
I always said - "Don't talk like that."
He always replied, "I didn't come to stay."

He was a perfect father on earth.
He introduced me to my father in heaven.
He always made me laugh.
He taught me to think.
He loved me. . . so so much.

I have one comfort.
We will meet again!
But living without him still hurts so bad.
My beloved words fail today to say what's in my heart.
He is missed - deeply
I'm prepared but I'm still not ready! 

May 4, 2008

The Journey Begins

Welcome to my blog! Join me as I aspire to serve my God, love my husband, teach my children, keep my home, and quiet my spirit. Above all things, I am the Lord’s and in His service. My life’s passion is to find joy doing the will of God and to pursue peace and things that promote it. With exercise and shopping, outward adorning is easy to do. We can manage the physical appearance, the clothes, the smile, and even the words we speak, but check the heart, the inward hidden heart. Search it because it is the real source of our joy and peace or lack of it. My heart’s desire is to inspire you to “put on” the inward adorning of a meek and quiet spirit and to find peace in your journey.